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Welcome to Granite Empire of Huntsville!

By filling in the information below you agree with our safety instructions.

Safety instructions.

We kindly ask you to:
1. Restrain from moving slabs or remnants by yourself.
If you require help lifting or moving heavy countertops or materials, ask a staff member for assistance. Granite Empire of Huntsville is not responsible for any consequences connected with injuries obtained.
2. Avoid leaning on countertops and be cautious of sharp edges.
Refrain from leaning on countertops or display units as they may not be securely anchored. Avoid running your hands or body against these surfaces to prevent cuts or injuries.
3. Keep children supervised.
Ensure children are closely supervised while in the shop to prevent accidents or injuries. Do not allow them to climb on or play around countertops or machinery.
4. Stay within designated areas.
Customers should remain in designated customer areas and avoid entering restricted or work-only zones to ensure their safety.
5. Use caution on slippery surfaces.
Be mindful of potentially slippery surfaces, especially in wet or freshly cleaned areas. Walk slowly and carefully to avoid slips or falls.
6. Report any concerns.
If you notice any safety concerns or potential hazards, please inform a staff member immediately. Your vigilance helps maintain a safe shopping environment.

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